Suzuki Families & Student Portal

The Suzuki Methodâ„¢ is an intuitive and natural learning process based on the principles of the way children learn their Mother Tongue language. Early start, Step by step learning and Parent Involvement are some of the main points that are have been developed from the Mother Tongue.

Community and Positive Environment are also key to the development and growth of any child, and we strive to create that in our Studio.

For those families that are already part of our Studio here is the Portal where they can get more information about their lessons.

Parent & Student Portal

Learning beyond the lesson

Being part of the wider Suzuki community is one of the great benefits of this Method, one can join a Suzuki Workshop or a Concert in any country and they will be able to play with other children that are learning the same repertoire – they will have a common language! That is why we always recommend to go to at least one workshop a year and join play-togethers and local or national Concerts whenever possible, it is so much fun!

Recommended Workshops and Concerts in the UK & Europe

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