Studio GC is based on the principles of the Suzuki Method, combining individual and group teaching for children from the aged of 3 to any person who is enthusiastic about learning violin or viola. There is no upper age limit! Since 2020 with many of us turning to online learning, Studio GC has produced many YouTube videos to help not just my personal students but also to benefit the wider community.

The Suzuki Method is based on the way we learn to speak our mother tongue from our parents, including the principles of early learning, listening, parent involvement, daily practice and love. You can find more information on the British Suzuki Institute page. Studio GC also provides additional videos, lessons and courses on training to become a Suzuki Teacher.

If you are interested you can watch many of my videos and playlists on my YouTube page and contact me at

The Little Venice Suzuki Group was established in September 2007, and is run by five qualified Suzuki Graduate violin teachers: Guillem Calvo, Louisa Stuber, Helena Massip, Anne Thomas and Michiko Negami. We are delighted to be working alongside Music and Movement teacher Natasha Picard, and Theory/Musicianship teacher Johanna Byrne, as well as many other talented cellists and piano accompanists. All of us are active professional musicians who seek to share our passion for music with the next generation of children. The group is a member of the London Suzuki Group and the British Suzuki Institute, and consists of our private pupils, as well as those of other London Suzuki teachers.

You can find more information about what Little Venice Suzuki Group provides on our webpage.

As a Teacher Trainer I am offering training courses and accredited Constant Professional Development for Suzuki Teachers and trainees, and also open to those music professionals who would like to include the Suzuki approach and its principles to their own teaching.

Quality in education, based on the Suzuki Method and its deep philosophy is at the core of our Studio and we strive to do our small part to make this dream come true…

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Lautada Music Festival is a chamber music concert cycle that has celebrated its twelfth season (2020 online). This summer festival has been happening for the last 13 years during the second half of July and August and it is aimed at any audience, specially those living in the Lautada area, people who, in most cases have difficulty accessing classical concerts live. It also includes those visiting the area during the summer months and people coming for the concerts from further away. To all of them we dedicate this festival in small churches of the Lautada.

The villages’ churches where we perform have ideal acoustics for chamber music concerts and great capacity for this kind of music; big enough to include everyone who comes and small enough to keep the intimacy so essential in chamber music. This festival is now an established cultural summer activity for the churches and the community of those villages and towns.

During the last five years we have expanded to churches in Asparrena, Barrundia, Agurain, Donemiliaga and Alegria-Dulantzi, making more more musical variety and opening to all the Lautada.

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