Welcome to the Studio GC webpage! My name is Guillem Calvo and I am fortunate to balance my life between performing and teaching. My teaching and training are based on the principles of the Suzuki Method. In Studio GC we believe in a world where education and music may nourish and nurture as many human beings as possible. Quality in education, based on the Suzuki Method and its deep philosophy is at the core of our Studio and we strive to do our small part to make this dream come true.

Are you interested in the Suzuki Method? Are you a parent who would like to know more about the Method and whether is right for your child?

More info in the ABOUT SECTION to know what I can offer for you!

Contact me at: guillem.albeniz@gmail.com and will let you know what is the best way forward!

Already in Suzuki? If you are a teacher or a Suzuki parent you can also

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